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Jumping Camel Instructors


Nico began her dance journey in early 2011 after the birth of her first son. Looking for a way to reconnect with her body, she stumbled on the TV show 'Shimmy' and decided to follow along- and that was it; love at first step. After a year of dedicated home practice, Nico headed out to find her first dance teacher- enter Minya of Jumping Camel. Nico continued regular weekly classes with Minya (from 2012 until her retirement from teaching in early 2022) and quickly joined the performance troupe in 2013, and then started teaching in 2016. She has since continued to learn with teachers from all over including Amarna (Calgary), Rachel George (USA), Ashley Rhianne (Van, BC), Nourhan Sharif (USA), Karim Nagi (USA, Egypt), Dr George Sawa (Canada), Johara of Belly Up (Canada) and Shahrzad (USA, Egypt).

Nico took over Jumping Camel Belly Dance in  early 2022 as Artistic Director and owner and has been working on creating a place where people can go to learn about this rich dynamic dance and have fun.

Nico Belly Dance

About Jumping Camel

Jumping Camel was started by Minya in 2012 with the support of her family. Since stepping back from teaching, she still continues to dance with the Camels, sharing her love and passion for this dance as a student and constant mentor.

Minya's many years of dance saw her training with dancers like Aziza of Montreal, Nourhan Sharif, Karim Nagi, Mohammed Salah, and Ashley Rhianne of Vancouver- just to name a few!

Minya of Jumping Camel
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